COMODO System Cleaner

COMODO System Cleaner 3.0

Comodo System Cleaner collects three free and useful cleaning utilities

Comodo System cleaner is a system maintenance and backup tool. It allows you to maintain a clean system for better performance, privacy, and security. There are three cleaning modes: Registry cleaner, Disk Cleaner, and Privacy Cleaner. The first one scans your registry and deletes all non-essential data from it (you can, of course, tell it what you don't want deleted). The second "mode" is the Disk Cleaner. This one has a list of predetermined disk locations that you can easily empty (Windows Temp files, Log files, recent files, Recycle Bin, etc.). You can create filters for items found therein, as well. The last cleaning method takes care of your Privacy. When first started, the application will detect what applications you use and which of them have internal log files or use histories, so you can check them on the list and automatically delete those files.

That is all for "cleaning", but System Cleaner has some extras that are really worth mentioning. There is an Autorun manager that allows you to change the applications that start with your system (services, executable files, and DLL files) and there is a file wiper (for secure erasing of files). There are also shortcuts to the System Settings and System Information screens.

The version 2.1 of System Cleaner introduces some minor changes to the GUI and a new update manager which allows the application to download new versions much faster than before. Also, there is a file and registry monitor that should make scans faster. Also, the duplicate file driver now uses a standard and an advanced method to yield better results.

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